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Thread: Help With Proper Technique for Muting Chords

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    Help With Proper Technique for Muting Chords

    This may be a better post for the "Getting Started" thread, but I think it's more applicable here since it's specifically about technique.

    I've been playing guitar for a couple months now and I have a question about playing chords of short note duration's followed by rests.

    In particular, I'm referring to a rock/metal song I'm learning that has 1/8th note power chords followed by 1/8th note rests. My question is, what is the standard practice for quickly muting chords?

    I've been using the right side of my picking hand palm (I'm right handed) to mute the chords, but it's been really difficult for me to alternate between picking the chord and then muting it with my palm in 8th note increments.
    The other thing I've tried is simply releasing the notes being held (none of the power chords in the song utilize open strings) and then pressing them again, but it kind of sounds unnatural to release and then hit the same notes when I'm not even switching chords.

    Mostly I just need more practice, but I'm confused about what is the "proper" way to practice this technique.

    Hopefully my question is clear enough, if any more info would be helpful please let me know.


    (also, I've tried finding an answer to my question online, maybe I'm just not using the proper terms in my searches)
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