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Thread: Notation software

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    Aug 2017

    Notation software

    I have used Sibelius for 18 months now, but I am now very disappointed about their license policy and pricing. A recent online offer for free Sibelius First turns out to be chargeable after 1 month, plus the new software has completely disabled my original Sibelius software. Plus, I have contacted Sibelius for help, but no reply received from last week - so they seem uninterested.
    I compose roughly to grade 4 / 5, mainly for piano, with a few occasional additonal instruments, but nothing too elaborate.
    Could anyone recommend a user friendly notation software package - staright forward an deasy to use
    Many thanks!
    Andrew Roberts
    York, England.

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    Apr 2009
    Dallas Texas
    Finale Notepad is a good free program. It's limited in the number of staves (I think 8) and is some other things; it's a subset of the big program. The cost is right.

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    Aug 2017
    ok, thanks for your reply

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    thanks for the answer

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    Oct 2018
    I Am Lucky to have this Software

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    Oct 2018
    Notation Software is Good.

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