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Thread: Bebop warm-up exercise!

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    Bebop warm-up exercise!

    Thought I'd share this warm-up exercise based on Charlie Parker licks! Fun workout

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    For me it's all about being in the zone mentally and emotionally - letting go of stress that will certainly hurt my performance and at the same time, holding on to some adrenaline or positive nervous energy that will help my mind and body perform.

    When I am feeling positive, confident and connected to others and the world around me I am in the zone.

    When I am egotistical, competitive, scattered, insecure, worried, stressed or negative I am surely not in the zone.

    My best warm up is always to breathe and relax, remembering that I know how to play the guitar and how to make music and how to connect with people that way. I remember to stay out of my own way and let that happen when the ‘hard drives roll’ lol.

    After that, playing songs or riffs that make me feel good always makes my hands relax and I forget about the physics of playing. Before I know it we're knee deep in the session and everything's flowing.

    Works every time.

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    cool share!

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