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Thread: Guitar lessons for beginners

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    Apr 2018

    Post Guitar lessons for beginners


    I am a passionate guitarist and I have been playing guitar for almost 7 years. I have created a series of guitar lessons on my channel for the beginners. These lessons will be helpful to those who have just started learning. I hope you will get something out of it.


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    Your guitar lesson in your video is so useful for me. I will follow your YouTube channel to learn next lesson of Guitar.

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    I’d suggest JustinGuitar. He’s made a real good collection of videos for both the beginner and the intermediate player.

    If you want even more detail and slowed down lessons,go for GuitarLessons365,but I personally don’t have the patience to go through his videos because they are too elaborate.

    More than all this,work on training your ears so that you can listen to a note and identify it on the guitar because this is what will really help you. Also,try to listen to more genres of music,so you can really understand how versatile the instrument is.
    My blog: http://guitartrance.com

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    no idea really

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    Great lesson.I'm trying to learn it.

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    i love to learn guitar...how to start the lesson or online classes...

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    1. Buy a guitar
    2. Buy a tuner
    3. Buy picks and extra strings
    4. Download YouTube app
    5. Practice with many many videos
    6. Build up fingertip hardness, tap on anything hard with all fretting fingers
    7. Build up muscle strength in fingers, touch each finger to your thumb over and over
    8. When listening to the radio or iTunes, pay more attention to the guitar and develop your pitch recognition.
    9. Play with others, this is invaluable in progressing your skills in music.

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