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Thread: Please help me find the right term or description for these chords.

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    Please help me find the right term or description for these chords.

    The group of chords called "natural chords" are: I - ii - iii - IV - V - vi - and vii diminished. But what term would you use to describe the group of chords if they were "flipped" as in i - II - III - iv - v - VI and VII ?

    ( the major chords are now minor and the minor chords are now major chords.)
    I was calling them "altered chords", but I have a feeling that is the wrong term.

    I'm writing my own piano music theory book, mainly for the benefit of my students and grand children. I illustrate how the "natural" chords (triads) are played on the piano in the Key of C. Then I show how each one of these "natural" chords can be "altered" 5 more ways: C minor, C diminished, C augmented, C suspended 2nd and C suspended 4th. Technically I'm telling / showing how to modulate the "mediant" and "dominant" fingered positions to get the chord tone.

    So, I was trying to tag a name on these chords or this group of chords to distinguish them from "natural" chords. Maybe there isn't a name for this.

    Thanks in advance!
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