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Thread: Tips and common mistakes for composition and modulation?

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    Tips and common mistakes for composition and modulation?

    a.k.a. Question 3 in the Grade 6 ABRSM paper.

    I'm almost clueless about this part.

    Basically, I get the outline of the exercise - phrasing appropriately, modulating to the right key, but there are pretty wide gaps in my understanding of doing it. I just need to find out what I really, really need to avoid.

    To give you a clearer idea of what I'm talking about, a sample of such a question is attached.


    Any useful help would be greatly appreciated.

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    This is just a quick suggestion but since the Haydn is arpeggiating a chord in D Major why not just write a few more bars that do the same type of arpeggios but built on other diatonic steps of the key. i.e. Eminor, F#minor, G Major, A Dominant etc...

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    Your tips help me a lot.Thanks

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