Absolute Vibrato

Absolute Vibrato is creating each tone exactly with precision the exact frequency. The range of a piano is about zero to four thousand hertz. So, the proper way to play a tone is matching the exact frequency. In other words A4 is 440 hertz, so, to play the note correctly you would play 440 A4 tones in one second and so on.

Playing in this style gives you many more options because you can customize individual tones.

As well as, effects pedals. The proper way to play effects is manually or in other words without pedals. However, you can use the pedals to play effects automatically or to learn or study an effect or effects.

So, you can play automatically, manually, or hybrid.

It all has to do with voicing tones. Just as you can use your voice to imitate sounds you should be able to imitate any sound on any instrument just as a synthesizer imitates sounds. So, your own voice can be a synthesizer and any instrument you use can be a synthesizer.