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Thread: Chord Structure *G major with d in bass)

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    Question Chord Structure *G major with d in bass)

    hello community, I play guitar and was wondering, whilst in the key of D major, if i plazed a G major chord, but instead of the g, the d is in the bass, does that change the chord at all?
    thanks for the response!

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    That somewhat depends on the particular piece. If you are playing a popular piece and there is another instrument playing a real bass line, there's no difference. If you are playing a classical style guitar and the guitar is supplying the bass line, there would be a big difference as the bass line would change as would the harmonic implications.

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    Hi woodmez
    I'm not a guitarist, but trying to recreate your question on a keyboard. Playing in the Key of D Your G chord is the (perfect) 4th chord (a happy sounding major chord) made up of G-B-D. Since you are "inverting" the chord, starting on D,
    it does not change the chord, you are still playing a G chord, but it will sound a little different and better in some instances. You might see this written as G/D in sheet music, which simply means you play a G chord "inverted", forming the chord starting on the D.

    On the piano keyboard ( in the key of D ) it is very easy to go from a D chord ( D-F#-A ) to the "inverted G chord (G/D or D-G-B) because I just have to move two fingers. The "pinky" finger playing the D key stays put.
    On a guitar, I would think there are easy and fast ways to change chords by inverting the tones as on the piano.

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