I found Bruce Arnold's "Sonic Resource Guide" https://muse-eek.com/sonic-resource-guide/ to be a good book to understand PCS Theory as it is applied to improvisation. SRG is more of a reference book for looking up scales and seeing what chords you could apply it to. Also info on hexatonics which I found very useful.

He has many other books applying PCS theory to all kinds of stuff like, arpeggios, sweeps, superimposition, ear training etc.. Quite a vast collection of courses. This page shows you some sweep ideas with various trichords: https://muse-eek.com/guitar-instrume...eep-arpeggios/

I think the main thing I found with Mr. Arnold is he actually uses this stuff in his playing. Check out some of his recordings https://muse-eek.com/category/recordings he is all over the map using PCS to Jazz, Metal, Country, Blues and Classical music etc... Crazy interesting if you want to see/hear some applications.