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Thread: some good motivation

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    Aug 2003

    some good motivation

    this sort of has a bit to do with the music theory section of the forum but thought it was more relevant here.

    for me motivation...for anything is generally generated when i feel i havent lived up to my own expectations, or sometimes other peoples. i play in the band at my church and was given the task without any notice to play a solo at a lull in one of the songs. in a previous band all i played was rythm, apart from the occaisional easy as pie solo which i had already learnt note for note. i thought you beauty, a chance to show off. unfortunately for me, what came out of the marshall was nothing like i can really do, (in the safety of my own bedroom) and didnt please my own ears, or anyone elses. sure some parts were good but it didnt flow enough with the songs melody, as well as the chord progression. even my girlfriend who normally thinks everything i do is fantasticc said it was 'a bit ordinary'

    my point is that since that sub par performance my practice has been far more focused, centered around things that caused my downfall rather than things that i can do to show off or just impress myself. there is nothing like a bit of a reality check to make me practice harder to become a better allround guitarist. motivation is a wonderful thing

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    Ya know, the 'wanna jam ?' thread is good for just that, to actually have to play a solo 'there and then'. When it's done it's done, no looking back. Still it's comfy to be able to do it in the safety of ones bedroom

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