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Thread: C ... and Blues

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    C ... and Blues

    Hello maybe my question will be so fool but I need to understand mainly the C minor pentatonic scale.

    I know the scale is C Eb F G Bb C.

    Now, to compose a Blues Riif in this scale how must be the patter on the bars? I know is 12 bars the more frequent use. I understand the C7, F7 and G7 chords.

    I attach 3 pictures where looking in google I saw these are examples of this. For example in the picture that begins in 5 is with G E F B G E C F E C B E C G F B G.

    In other picture, the one that says Figure 1 ... is F G A# C D# F G A# C D# F G... etc.

    The same wit the other picture. Why are considered the pictures that are in that scale, is not supposed to find patterns with the scale identical to the scale, in other words? C Eb F G Bb C. Where is this pattern in the pictures inwhwt parts why are considered c minor pentatonic scale?

    I know is a fool question but with this I clarify to other scales.

    i hope someone can help.

    Thank you

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