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Thread: What chord is this?

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    Jan 2018

    What chord is this?

    Sorry if I sound dumb on this one, but how do you make a chord out of B, F and G?

    Feel free to write down the procedure on how this is found out.

    Thanks for your help!

    And sorry for that obscured bit at the top left, the key sig is a B flat.
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    MMus, MA, PGCE JumpingJack's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    The D comes later in the bar/measure (the C and As are passing notes).
    So yeah, Gm7.

    Notice the seventh eventually falls in the next bar as you would expect with good part-writing.

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    Jan 2018
    Grade 8 in the ABRSM (the British musical examining board, 8 is their final grade) not academical sense

    And I'm 16, started music at 6
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    Hi Ren,
    The song is in the F key, so I transposed it to the key of C, just for kicks. Where C ( or F in your case) is (roman numeral) I, the chord you are asking about is (roman numeral) II with a 7th.
    So when I play it in the Key of C, I'm playing a D7th to get the same sound
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    Hey Dave,
    I can't play smoothly with these keys. Can you please tell me how I can play smoothly?

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