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Thread: Sequental Motion (song anaylsis) Help??

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    Sequental Motion (song anaylsis) Help??

    Hello all, I have I peice im working on for my music theory class and I wanted to see if you can analyze it for me. There are a couple of chords the sont make since thoery wise because of the key signature im using, Im started with the peice in C#major, modulating to D#major Sequntially. There is no D#major key signature so i I transposed it to Ebmajor (enharmonic key of D#major a theorhetical key). Now Ive changed the score from C#major to Dbmajor (enharmonic key of C#major). The problem is on the viith degree im playing a minor7(m3 and so on) chord instead of a dimished chord so i dont know what roman numeral. I also have a E#maj7/Fmajor7 chord on m11 which is not in the key at all as well so what roman numeral would I put there??? Since these chords are not in the key signature some suggested it was in Abmajor, Modulating to Bbmajor which takes care of the vii chord, but still dose not take care of the Major7 chord in m11 and also has the peice ending on IV reather than one. If anyone can help me with this that would be great.

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    wow you did that so fast this is great thank you!! like your interpretaion
    here my first recording of the peice. I made a video for fun
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    I am a little bit new in using chords, but the video you have shared is mind-blowing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mixlikes View Post
    I am a little bit new in using chords, but the video you have shared is mind-blowing.
    Thank very much, ill share more soon

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