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Thread: List of same guitar chords

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    List of same guitar chords

    I am learning acoustica spanish guitar.
    There are a lot of ways to obtain the same chords in the fretboard.

    But I would like to know what are the rules to identify the same chord.

    Is it the same chord D and D/A ?
    Is it the same chord D and D/F# or D/E ?

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    The basic D major triad has the notes of D, F# and A.
    When D is the lowest of these, the chord is said to be in "root position".
    Otherwise, the chord is "inverted".

    D/F# means F# is the lowest note. It's still a "D major chord", but it's now in what we call "first inversion".

    Likewise, D/A is still a "D major chord", but this time in "second inversion" (with the A at the bottom).

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    To add to the above...

    When a bass note is not a chord tone - as in D/E - then effectively it is a different chord. D/E will sound like an E9sus4 chord, and will probably function like one.

    In fact D/A can also sound like a kind of Asus chord. (Classically, it would be called a "6/4" chord, meaning intervals measured from the A bass note. A note, plus a 6th and 4th above (F# and D). It would lead to a normal A and then to root position D.)

    However, in most popular music, inversions like D/F# and D/A are used when bass lines move melodically up or down a scale. E.g., in sequences like this:
    G - D/F# - Em - G/D - C - G/B - D/A - G. (bass line G F# E D C B A G)
    As a guitarist, then, if playing with a bass player, you can ignore those slash bass notes. You play a D chord, and the bass player plays the F# or A.

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