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Thread: Note grouping - piano music

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    Note grouping - piano music

    Could anyone advise on the best way to group the bass clef notes in the attached music please? I prefer the first bar arrangement, as the beat is clearer, given the A crotchet tied to the minim. the dotted minim in bar 2 looks a little awkward - feedback gratefully received
    Andrew R.
    2017.08.20 The S F- Forum q note grouping .jpg

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    Modify the first measure so that the LH slur joins the low A to the half note. It's more usual to have a slur into tied note end at the last note in the group of tied notes.

    Using quarter note tied to a half note is easier to read than using a dotted half. A dotted half represents a half note tied to quarter (in effect) and one doesn't want to break up sub-beats.

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