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Thread: Get started Sweep Picking

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    Get started Sweep Picking

    Good day all. I have put together a 4 part lesson on getting started at sweep picking. I've done this lesson so you get a series of exercises that you can use as a bit of a 30 day challenege and by the end of it you should have a good introductory grounding on sweep picking. The lesson comes with free tabs and there a ton of backing tracks available for you to practice with, access to all is in the description box below the video as well as early access to the rest of the videos in the series. Have a lovely day everyone.



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    This video is really informative of Sweep picking. You have well described this lesson. Thanks for sharing.

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    Try and learn as much as you can simultaneously. Make sure not to practice a single run / shape more than 6 to 10 minutes at a time and do it with a metronome. First 2–3 minutes at ridiculously slow speed (60bpm), then 5 minutes at your “comfort” speed. That would be the speed where you can play a lick or a series (never ever a single shape!) of arpeggios seamlessly without mistakes. Then go up by 5 bpm and play another 2 minutes with max concentration.

    Do this for multiple techniques in each session. Try to mix it up a bit. Almost everything is mutually beneficial. For instance, practicing string skipping will make your alternate picking cleaner. Having a good economy picking technique helps with sweeping.

    It’s a big mistake to focus too much on a single technique. Not because it’s making you a non-diverse player or any of this nonsense. It just not how your brain works. Learning a specific thing follows a “degrading learning curve”. The first couple of minutes are the most important ones, after 10 minutes you’ll hardly improve any more, after half an hour, you might even worsen or negate your learning results.

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