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Thread: How to improvise

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    Mar 2017

    How to improvise

    Good day everyone.
    Here's this weeks lesson. It's about how to improvise, especially when you are new to improvisation.
    I've been asked and seen on a lot of forums recently that people are having trouble making there improvisation sound like guitar solos instead of just playing scales up and down. So I thought I'd put together this little video on the subject in the hopes that it might help a few people.
    It also comes with a FREE backing track so its worth checking out even just for that.
    Have a lovely week everyone. Hope you all get to play your guitars as much as possible.

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    Apr 2017
    It is a great video to bring improvise on guitar. Thanks to DavesGuitarLess for sharing this lesson.

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    Nov 2017
    Very clear lesson. I'm normally playing piano but starting guitar and a lesson like this is perfect for me

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    Dec 2017
    great video

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