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Thread: I want to learn to sing and play guitar. How would I go about doing that?

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    I want to learn to sing and play guitar. How would I go about doing that?

    Please give some simple and perfect tips to learn guitar?

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    I would first get used to doing each of them separate. When you are comfortable with each part, memorize the words of the first line in the song. Then look at the rhythm and try to sing that line until you are comfortable. If you keep singing that verse line while you are looking at the rhythm, you will quickly get comfortable singing and playing at the same time.

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    I feel your pain - it’s not easy to sing and play. What makes it tricky, obviously, is that you’re strumming one rhythm and singing an entirely different one.

    You’re probably not feeling the rhythms and the pulse together.

    Here’s how I always start people off with strumming: You HAVE to begin by feeling the pulse of the music.

    The pulse is not the rhythm. The pulse is that steady underlying heartbeat in all music. If you think that’s complicated, let me assure you, it’s not really - the pulse is just where you would naturally tap your foot to a song (hard to explain without demonstrating).

    You have to understand that, whether you’re singing the rhythm of the melody, or playing the rhythm of the chords, the pulse stays the same - it’s its own thing.

    If you can tap your foot along with the music in a steady beat that doesn’t change, then that’s a great beginning. That’s feeling the pulse.

    The next thing to do, is to keep your foot going with the pulse, while singing (no guitar just yet).

    Next, keep your foot going with just your guitar (no singing).

    I suspect that you are not involving your body in feeling the pulse as you play and sing (e.g. tapping your foot). That’s absolutely essential.

    Next, when you can do the above accurately, break the song up into smaller parts. Start by keeping the beat with your foot, then add your guitar for the intro, and then just try sing the first line of the song.

    If you could get that right, then add the next line of the song. If you hit any difficult parts that keep tripping you up, isolate them and practice them until you can really feel the rhythm.

    The good news is that when you make a breakthrough with one song, with regards to rhythm, it will lift your game for every other song that comes after that, too.

    Take heart, you’ll get it right.

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    Hello There hope you are good the thing is that you can not learn guitar like this you shoud join acadmey for it so they teach you the basics if you dont khnow the basisc you cant learn it once you learned the basics it will be very easy to earn guitar by yourself at home or serach for totorails on youtube

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