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Thread: What is the difference between steel string and nylon string guitars?

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    What is the difference between steel string and nylon string guitars?

    What is the difference between steel string and nylon string guitars?

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    A steel string (also known as a folk guitar) is a more appropriate guitar for pop, rock, folk and similar types of music. The Nylon string guitar is a classical guitar. Although you can use it to play the styles of music mentioned before, it is traditionally used to play classical music and flamenco.

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    Steel string guitars are designed and manufactured for steel strings and will provide the most playability, intonation and sound when used with steel strings. Nylon string guitar will damage the instrument because it is not designed or braced for higher tension strings.

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    Material, obviously.
    Tension. Steel strings put the guitar under more than twice the tension as nylon.
    Tone. Nylons are warmer with round attack. Steel is brighter and has sharper attack.
    Bends can't be executed on nylon. You could, but not to the degree of ease and clarity as with steel.
    Steel strings can be used with magnetic pickups. Nylons can't

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