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Thread: is there such thing as "major minor seventh chord"?

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    is there such thing as "major minor seventh chord"?

    Hey all,

    I know there are Minor major seventh chords which is a regular minor triad but with a major seventh added but is their a "major minor seventh" chord as well? Would it be a regular major triad with an added minor seventh? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, I'm fairly new to music theory.

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    Sure, It's a 7.

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    Yes. In fact, this is probably the most common type of seventh chord.

    The "Dominant Seventh" chord is V7 in the key a fifth below it. So G7 (G-B-D-F) is V7 in C major/minor for example (it is not found diatonically in any other key).
    V7 typically resolves to I (the tonic triad). It can also move deceptively to vi.

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    The usual method of naming a seventh chord is to name the quality of the third then the quality of the seventh. Thus a major-minor chord is the usual dominant seventh chord formation, in the key of C, this is G-B-D-F; the G-B interval is a major third and the G-F is a minor seventh. A minor-minor seventh would be G-Bb-D-F and a major-major seventh would be G-B-D-F# and the (more rarely used in my experience) minor-major seventh is G-Bb-D-F# (though F# could occur as a non-harmonic tone over a G-minor chord.) Chord symbols are not completely standardized over either geography nor styles of music. However the symbol G7 is take to be G-B-D-F as that is the most common seventh chord with G as a root.

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