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Thread: SHRED 2017 the most technic guitar solo ever played? by Emmanuel Sansone

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    Jan 2015

    Cool SHRED 2017 the most technic guitar solo ever played? by Emmanuel Sansone

    Hey, Are you curious ??? you like shredding guitar? You want the most fast and technic demo solo guitare ever played? a slap in your face??? it's for you…lol


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    OMG, that's amazing!!! Maybe his fingers coming from heaven bro. Thanks a lot 4 ur awmsome video

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    Nov 2016
    That kind of sucked actually. Just saying, no skill... I hate seeing all over the place sloppy guitar playing being treated as great, technical guitar when in reality it's just flashy and didn't actually sound good.
    Last edited by Jacob; 11-27-2016 at 04:06 PM.

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