Hi all,

I'm in love with Disasterpeace's music, but I'm stuck in a rut when it comes to figuring out how to write like him. It sounds to me like his music has an impressionist tendency, so I've been trying to dissect his music and impressionist music like Debussy and Ravel to learn about extended chords and chord voicing. Here are some examples of the kind of harmonic world I'm trying to learn how to create:



Am I right to be looking at impressionist music to learn how to write like this?

When I try to write in this style, my music usually ends up being repetitive (because I figure out 2/3 chords+voicings that work) or sounding strange because I can't figure out how to move to new chords nicely/ what chords to move to.

I know that being able to write music like this doesn't depend on knowing just a couple "tips," but are there general ideas about how to make this stuff work (what voicings tend to work, what chord extensions work well with one another, how to move fluently between two different sections, etc etc)? Sound design is a huge aspect of why his music works so well, but I think his harmonies are really contributing a lot.