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Thread: Who is your idol ?

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    Cool Who is your idol ?

    Me begin first, cuz ima guitarist so my idol is Sungha Jung.
    Show me who is your idol broz

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    Apr 2017
    My inspiration is steve jobs. His quote "stay hungry stay foolish" inspired me alot. Stay hungry nver be satisfied push yourelf and stay foolish do the things people say cannot be done.

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    Oct 2017
    I've always liked Springsteen a lot and consider him as an idol figure.

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    I usually follow Polish sensation "Imad Fares", what a guitar player he is. If I able to strum 10% of him, I would be a pretty good guitarist.

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    I like Zig Ziglar

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    Registered User betlemhuescar's Avatar
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    Dec 2019
    My first idol was Nick Jonas, hehehe, because of him I wanted learning to play the piano.

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    My idol is Sam Smith, I think that no one have a better voice skills like him. I would like to sing like him someday (or in another life haha).

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    Apr 2020
    I like Bill Gates, earning a lot of money and then doing charity.

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