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Thread: Assistance needed with Chord Progressions for a song

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    Question Assistance needed with Chord Progressions for a song

    Hey everyone.
    Im new to these forums so i figure i should introduce myself first.
    My name is Jay, Im an 18 year old electronic dance music producer from Australia.
    I've been composing music and DJing since I was 12 and since then I have performed at some major music festivals and have had my music supported by some of the biggest names in the dance music scene.

    Now, down to business.
    Im writing (well wanting to) a new track l, however I'm wanting to try something different.
    I want to create two separate chord progressions which are played together but use different chords (any key - but must be 4/4 and around 110-128bpm).

    For example:

    progression 1: G, A, C, B (keep in mind this won't be the chord progression I use, just an example)
    progression 2: D, B, G, C ( also an example)

    both of these progressions will be played at the same time using different instruments, so I guess what I'm asking is if someone could tell me which chords would work together so that I can accomplish this. My music theory/knowledge of chords isn't great but I do know about keys and what notes are in each chord.

    I hope what I'm asking makes sense,
    Thanks for your time

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    Aug 2016
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    how are they separate chords if they play together? they will form 1chord, except some tones for one instrument or another. if you mean like that i guess you can think of a added chord, or more complex one, and think of 2 chords that will add up to produce it. for example a Cmaj7, just put a C major on one instrument, and a E minor chord on another, and voila.
    you can also make a 9th, like, C major on one, and G major on the other so > C-E-G-B-D (Cmaj9th).
    also i like the major sixth over the minor chord, like Dminor + Bdim. i think i did something like this in my remix "Dj David - Sexy thing (Frankie Detergent remix)", i recorded the guitar playing those weird chords (gypsy jazz chords actually) over more conventional harmony on synth.

    if you mean one after the other, then that's more complex to elucidate.
    Last edited by James Shaormer; 09-02-2016 at 09:44 PM.

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    That all makes sense.

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    Thank you JnKmusic for sharing your experience. Hope you will give an awesome performance in the upcoming event.

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