Hi, this is my first post and really the only reason I signed up. So, I am sure some of you had dealt with this kind of thing before. My bands Rhythm Guitarist is also our singer, and he is egotistical as hell. The thing is, he isn't the right voice for our band but he refuses to let us try out any new singers, he usually suggests we get a new rhythm guitarist, which no one else really is on board with that. His voice doesn't fit our style, The drummer and I tell him this, and his only responses would be "But I feel like I'm improving" "I feel like I'm truly a singer" and "my singing is the one thing I am self-conscious about".

I find that aggravating to all hell, because I really do believe he is holding our true potential back just because he wants to be the image of the band. He does have a good singing voice, but it would fit more for Theater (he was in a local rendition of Les Miserables, it wasn't too bad), Mumford and Sons, or The Strokes, and we have a heavier sound than that. I like him in the band as a guitarist because he actually writes some good stuff I can really bounce off of, and we are also in the middle of recording our Demo/EP, so it's difficult to just change members in the middle of that. My drummer and I tried convincing him to no avail.

So, if any one has some advice for this situation that would be so much help, please and thank you.