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Thread: Absolute-Rhythm & Relative-Rhythm - Rhythm Scales

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    Absolute-Rhythm & Relative-Rhythm - Rhythm Scales

    Absolute Rhythm & Relative Rhythm - Rhythm Scales

    Just as there is absolute-pitch and relative-pitch, there is absolute-rhythm and relative-rhythm.

    Rhythm is Tone. Rhythm is slow tone. Tone is fast rhythm.

    There is slow time and fast time.

    It's perception of time.

    You can perceive slow time and fast time.

    There are frequencies or cycles per second or hertz.

    There are rhythms or BPM or BPH or BPD. Beats per minute, beats per hour, and beats per day.

    At 60 BPM, one beat is one second or one hertz.

    So rhythm is tone.

    Rhythm is slow tone and slow time and tone is fast rhythm and fast time.

    It's all about perception.

    The slower the rhythm the slower your perception and less resistance.

    The faster the rhythm the faster your perception and more resistance.

    If rhythm is tone then there are rhythm scales.

    So there is a chromatic rhythm scale that is equal to the chromatic tone scale.

    If you practice counting out-loud to slow rhythm theoretically your perception of time slows down and it's easier to sub-divide rhythm.

    Then you exercise slowly and can theoretically sub-divide fast rhythms into great amounts of numbers and your perception of time alters.

    Theoretically one second could be perceived as a year.

    One year of one seconds that are equal to one year would mean a year of one second years would be equal to perceiving one year as 30 million years.

    Counting out loud slowly and sub-dividing slowly alters your perception of time theoretically because your thoughts match your counting out loud.

    It's a matter of proper metronome exercise and altering perception of time and perceiving time absolutely and relatively as slow or fast.

    Rhythm Scales.

    Rhythm Scales also apply to meditation and pranayama.
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    •BPM - Beats Per Minute
    •Hertz - Cycles Per Second



    •Drum Rudiments




    •Manual Rhythms
    •Automatic Rhythms

    •Manual Tones
    •Automatic Tones

    •Programed Rhythms
    •Programmed Tones

    •Manual Tones
    •Automatic Tones

    •Perception Of Precise BPM
    •Perception Of Precise Hertz

    •Manual Is For-Real For-Real
    •Automatic Is Fake - Even If It's Real

    •So, There's
    •For-Real For-Real

    •Before Clocks

    •Perception Of Time



    •Rhythm Scales

    •Rhythm Is Slow Tone
    •Tone Is Fast Rhythm

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    Well, knowledge about Rhythm Scales given by extra_solar. All states of rhythm are explained here.

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    Do you have any reference books for where you got this information. I find it very interesting but the way it's organized seems like it is from a book or some source. Thanks

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