Iíve been working on a better way to approach chord learning.

With the old way, I would choose the song first and then try to practice the chords within. Sometimes this works, but often, I end up tackling songs that are way too hard for me. And I quickly get discouraged. So I quit again and again.

I now choose the chords first and practice songs that use those exact chords (and only those chords). And I donít stop until those select chords are in my comfort zone.

Iíve built a database of searchable songs using this method. The database lets you enter chords you know (or are working on), and it shows you all matching songs. It also recommends the next best chord to add to your repertoire.

If youíd like to check it out, shoot me an email (with subject line TCGP) at chordmastery AT gmail DOT com.