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Thread: Need help with practicing

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    Sep 2015

    Need help with practicing

    Hello peeps

    I've actually played my instrument (saxophone) for quite some time. Practicing for quite long and it seems like there's no progress. I'm not a beginner neither am i a professional. Somewhere in between.

    My aim at the end is the be able to improvise. Be it through jazz standards or any other genres of music (mainly Blues, pop soul funk)

    Currently I'm trying to focus more and reduce the amount of things I practice at once. Read online where I should write down my progress and problem. Reduce my practice time to ensure my focus is there throughout the practice.

    I'm now practicing a 2-5-1 lick with the help of ireal pro app. Going through all 12 keys.
    I'm trying to follow the above way. however Everytime I try to progress I find that I have additional problems surfacing. Hindering my progress.

    Is there any advice or anything anybody can suggest or help me?
    I'm really drained of practicing even though there's progress after so much effort...

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    Hey man. I would love to help you but i can`t until I know exactly what do you want out of your pratice and what is your current level.

    Is it technique? Is it harmony/theory concepts? Do you want to get deep into some particular style? Is it improvisation?

    I donīt know what is really the level you are at and what are your goals, so I donīt know if I have the knowledge and the capability to give you a useful answer.

    Send me a message so we can discuss it further, this is not a question for quick fixes maaaan!

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    When scales, arpeggios and licks get old try songs. Which songs? The ones you would like to be able to play. When you get a song down put the sheet music in your gig book and go get another song to work on.

    Playing songs will force you to brush up on any fundamental you left by the road side.

    Have fun.
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