Hi guys,

I've come to you with a dilemma; as the title suggests - I've got so much passion for music and writing music and not enough skill to turn it into art. I know that the simple answer here is to practice more, but I wondered if anyone else had ever faced a similar problem.

Basically, I love music - it's always been a saviour for me. Like many of us, music has (literally) saved my life and got me through unbelievably tough times. When I had nobody, when nobody could help me - music was there for me. Now I feel like I'm in a place mentally where I'm tired of how things are, in my life, in society, in the things I see and experience and there is no voice for me, music just isn't there this time. I'm not a teenager anymore, so I guess this is my time to be a voice for others like me, but I'm having trouble:

I want to express this with music but I'm just not good enough, I get so emotionally worked up when I go to make music. I don't want to 'practice', I want to make *that* song, or capture *that* feeling. But nothing happens, I get my keyboard out, ready the guitars and open up my music software and it just doesn't happen. I don't think it's as much an inspiration problem, just a problem that I can't get my music to really voice my emotion - no matter what instrument I try. It's like being choked up or gagged while screaming to be heard, it's like having something incredibly important to say in a country where nobody understands you.

Does anyone have any advice or input?