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Thread: Piano melody Key change

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    Dec 2014

    Piano melody Key change

    hi, i'm new to this forum. i'm a starter in piano/keyboard. i know what are the chords and scales. so my doubt is how people play piano/keyboard by ear. how they make the melody flow continuously. is there any formula on what key goes next. anyone can give a simple example in C.

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    Dec 2014
    What do you mean making the melody flow? Are you talking about improvising and making music on the piano without any notation or are you talking about learning a song by ear specifically?

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    I'm looking for a way to learn chords. Mainly what I'm looking for is a way to be able to tell what the notes would be in a given chord. For example, if I am in the key of "C", I would like to learn what chord triads I can play in that particular key. I know this gets more complex when you're in keys that have sharps or flats.

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    I agree with thomosgee1, I also want to learn chords. Please if someone knows about this tell us?

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    Things tend to be rather involved. In classical music theory, any note may go with any chord. Of course not all such notes are equivalent. Also, several notes may go with a single chord or several chords with a single note. Book at this URL is a good discussion. It's rather old-fashioned but much of it is still applicable.


    Here is a link to a simple harmony book (again rather old) written by a pianist. https://ia600709.us.archive.org/30/i...880958text.pdf

    Some modern jazz and pop theories look a things a bit differently; I find these approaches more complicated. Needless to say, any of the viewpoints (pop, classical, jazz, and whatever else) give a good guide to both composition and analysis.

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