Older guy here. I can't believe I'm nearly 50. I played trumpet and cornet a lot when I was young, including for the county youth brass band, with a few international tours - but dropped it at the age of 23.

At 38 I took it up again, and I've been playing in community groups for 10 years now, usually with plenty of solos. As I am still developing (better than when I was young), the bands I am in change from year to year, and I'm hoping to get some professional work soon-ish. Last year I played with a few semi-pro bands, including local festivals with a Ska band. Right now I'm with a local orchestra, a Saturday night jam band in a pub, and a local choir. In the jam band I mainly play trumpet, but also bass guitar, hand percussion, singing, and chorus. Some may call my singing "shouting" Sometimes I calm down and entertain the crowd with a solo act, singing gently with my classical guitar - folk or slow pop, with my own arrangements.

None of that pays a penny. I get a free drink once a week!

But I am quite well known locally. So on my path to world fame and stardom etc, I am here to take my knowledge to another level.

My popular tastes are very broad, and I really enjoy anything I can play or sing, rather than listen to. Favourites for singing loudly in the car while I drive, include the softer songs of nu-metal (Evanescence, Anastacia) and symphonic rock (Tristania, Tarja Turunen), Sheryl Crow, Radiohead, Enya, Muse, Fiona Apple, James Blunt, No Doubt, Seal, Fairport, Led Zep, Neil Young, etc etc.