Hi all,

As an antidote to the shredder culture of "how fast can we go", I thought I'd ask "how SLOW can we go???"

Playing at really slow tempos can be a real challenge if your timekeeping isn't that strong.. and working on playing at slower tempos could end up improving your sense of time dramatically....

Give it a shot!!

I've been enjoying this slow blues jam track in Am, so I thought I'd share it here....

The track starts at 2:30 (after the intro)

You can get all your B.B. King licks going with this

Chord progression:

II: Am I Dm I Am I Am I
I Dm I Dm I Am I Am I
I Em I Dm I Am I Am :II

Suggested scales:

A Minor Pentatonic - A C D E G (A)

A Minor Blues Scale - A C D D# E G (A)

A Minor Scale: A B C D E F G (A)

Here's a couple more Blues Jam Tracks:

24-bar Minor Blues play along (Am)

Slow Blues jam track in G

And more Blues Jam Tracks at http://www.quistorama.com/blues

Happy jamming!!