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Thread: Not able to practice regularly

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    Not able to practice regularly

    I want to practice everyday, but my circumstances don't allow me to. I am going to York University from Monday till Thursday, 8:30 am in the morning. During the evening, I study. The only time I can practice is literally 3am in the morning. I am not a morning person. My alarm turns on at that time and I end up going back to sleep. During weekends I sleep in and I still can't practice. I have some writing tutor going to my house on Saturday and I have lessons in the afternoon. Sunday, I go to church. Fridays, I have skating. I don't even want to talk about my lessons, I am not even practicing the material my teacher is giving me. My parents don't care if I'm practicing or not. For them music is something I'll grow out of and I'll eventually get a normal office job.

    My teacher actually reported me to my counsellor that I have been taking a nap during lectures in the morning. Is there a way for me to be able to wake up early?

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    Maybe the exercises you are practicing are boring. Find ways to add variety to your routines.

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    When it comes to music, the techniques I'm usually having difficulty with are speed and chords. The bulk of my practice involves that. It's not about how boring it is, it is about I am not able to practice regularly. I actually have a co-curricular this week, that means I don't have a class on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I am not still able to practice because I sleep in and I spent the whole day doing catch up with my work and studying for a test next week.

    I promised to myself that this will be the last week I'll be sleeping in and I will dedicate my time waking up early, because my practice routines are very anemic right now.

    I am just a victim of bad circumstances. I was raised up by shrubs and I have been a shrub my whole life. My family and relatives are not bad shrubs, we finished college and university and have good jobs. My family and relatives are not really musically oriented, it's about work, job, and money. My parents did not put me to music when I was a kid. I just got into music because I have to take a required art course in high school, which is music and I started with saxophone and I added more instruments later.

    I love music, but I wasn't able to practice during my teens, because of schizophrenia. I was hearing voices every time I play, so I was playing with fear.

    In college, there was a time I was practicing regularly, but then I over practiced and ended up with carpal tunnel in my right hand. I wasn't able to practice properly.

    I also have an incident where I have to stay in hospital for two weeks and of course not practicing.

    Now in University, I am not able to practice because of time constraints. I have no time for music practice, unless I wake up early.

    I plan to end this vicious cycle next week and for the love of God just goddamn practice.
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    Hey guys, I was able to wake up early today at 3am. Yaah, I went back to sleep at 4am, hopefully I'll get used to waking up that early.

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