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Thread: Passing Tone Harmony

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    Aug 2014

    Passing Tone Harmony

    I'm hoping I explain this correctly.

    If I'm playing a basic C chord. My lead vocal is -

    See the Light
    C - D - E

    1st harmony -

    See the Light
    E - ?- G

    2nd harmony -

    See the Light

    G - ? - C

    This is an extremely simple example that's not one of my songs. But, what should the notes be?

    I hope I'm making some sort of sense.

    When I used to record, I could kind of sing off-key what I was looking for. Then the smart people would translate to actual notes.

    Thank You!

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    Aug 2014
    I got the answer... You don't harmonize to passing notes.

    Out of over a hundred views, no one could tell me that.

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    Ummm ... you don't nor should you harmonize every passing tone; however, there's a chording style called blocked chords (or frozen chords) where you do put chords under the melody.

    Take "Strangers In The Night" for example! You can get away with identical passing chords in both hands. Or any Latin tunes which see the the block-chord style or at least a doubled melody.

    Putting chords underneath the melody makes the melody sounds richer, but chords under every note is unnecessary.

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    Apr 2015
    that's not one of my songs. But, what should the notes be????

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