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Thread: What to learn first

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    What to learn first

    I want to make a line from 1 to 10 most important chords, which to choose?

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    Way too many chords - it's practically/theoretically impossible to do this.

    However, start with your I, IV and V chords - this is the base set then build from there. ii, iii, vi, then vii.

    I - This is home (Most important)
    V - Brings you back home (I) - Second most important)
    IV - third in line - this could take you to V or I

    ii, iii and vi are secondary chords - a little less important than your primmary chords; however, they help spice up songs takingthe heat off your primary chords.

    vii - not often used as a triad, but the second most important due to how it acts or its function. Just like V, it brings you back home (I)

    When you get beyond triads (three note chords) - such as sevenths (four note chords) and ninths (don't focus on these), you will see/hear how these function as Vs and usually go back to I (dim7s - viio7; 7b9s - V7b9s)

    Other than this and there just being way too many chords and oodles of knowledge behind each, there's nothing more that you should inquire about. Not yet, anyway. IMO The good thing is though the possibilities are wide open once you start grasping the beginning concepts!

    Have fun!

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    What first? That depends on the music you will be playing. Most of my stuff is major key and the ole I-IV-V7 gets most of it done. So....

    1. How the 7 major chord patterns are fretted. A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
    2. Then how do I make those major chords into dominant seven chords is next. What must I do to get that b7 note into the mix. Adding the b7 note gives you a dominant seven. My point; why learn another pattern why not just learn how to adjust the major chord into a dominant seven chord by adding one note to my basic pattern. Or in the case of the A7 by lifting one finger.
    3. Then how do I make those major chord triads into minor chords.. Am, Bm, Cm, Dm, Em, FM, Gm. Minor chords have a flatted 3rd interval, which finger do I move to catch the b3... normally you will move the 3rd interval one fret toward the nut.
    4. The sharped and flatted chords - just move the pattern toward the sound hole for a sharped chord and toward the nut for a flatted chord.
    5. The diminished chord - I seldom see one in the basic ole Country music I play. If you do run up on one go look it up.
    6. The 9's, 11's & 13ths. They really never come up in the simple music I play. If they did I'd recommend you; reading from left to right on a D7b9 chord play the D7 and leave the b9 for the solo guys. A year from now, sure, go for the b9.

    Small steps. Seven basic triads first. Then how to make those triad patterns into dominant seven chords and then how to make those same basic triads into minor chords.

    Yes to do this you need your handy dandy chord chart and then look at the difference in a D and a Dm and a D7 chord.

    I found this helpful; http://www.smithfowler.org/music/Chord_Formulas.htm
    C major scale = C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C
    Scale degree......1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    C major chord is made of the 1-3-5 scale degrees of the C major scale so you want your chord pattern to have the C, E & G notes in the pattern. Yes more than one is OK.
    C7 chord will add a flatted 7 or Bb.
    Cm chord will have an Eb.

    That pretty well gives you the story..... go have fun.
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    Thank you, Malcolm for telling us major mixing of note. Also thank you for important chords.

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    You can learn all you Major chord in the key of C, then take chage the root to the 3rd giving you and inversion. Then your can take the 5th and move it to the root giving our the second inversion. These are with traids. then do this in all keys including the minor keys

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    Here is my way to learn guitar chords:
    1. Know the chord's structure
    2. Learn all the triads in one key: For example in C we have: C Dm Em F G Am Bdim
    3. Try to learn all these chords in all fretboard position.
    4. Learn chords from all keys.
    5. Continue with more advance chords (7th chords, 9th chords, etc)

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    I think learning to play chords (whether on the piano or guitar) is a fun way to start. It will make it a lot of fun for a beginner particularly if you can sing. It means you will be able to look up songs you like and accompany easily. This will keep you motivated to learn more. There are lots of free online forums where you will find the songs you like. These arrangemets usually contain the words and corresponding chords. I think the most popular and easy chords you will find in pop songs are: G, C, D, Em, Am, Dm, F, A, D, E. With these chords you are on your way to playing lots of well known songs.
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    loved it

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    Thank you,

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