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Thread: How do you recommend to learn the Modes (on Guitar)

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    The 5 chromatics are the notes (out of the 12 total possible) that aren't the 7 scale notes (of the key).

    I believe Jon's breakdown is as follows - consider a C major chord:

    1 - Chord tones - C, E, G
    2 - Addditonal penatonic notes - D, A
    3 - Addtional diatonic notes - F, B
    4 - Five chromatics - C#/Db, D#/Eb, F#/Gb, G#/Ab, A#/Bb
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    Exactly, thanks walter.

    Just to further clarify: that applies to a C chord in key of C major. The "additional diatonic notes" will be different in the keys of G (notes F#, B) and F (F, Bb); and of course the chromatic notes will vary accordingly. (In key of G major, F is chromatic, while B is chromatic in F major.)
    Naturally you can regard those as "modal" differences, but they usually arise from the key context.

    So if you see a C chord in the key of F major, you don't need to think "C mixolydian mode", just "F major scale".

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    Thanks for your clarification. This will definitely take some time for me to study and absorb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhwflash View Post
    I've quite a few books learning Modes on Guitar. Some books present a few alternatives to learning 3 scales at a time (by substituting another mode for all three), Many books insist that you must learn each individual mode pattern (with some dispute as to when to learn it horizontally, or vertically).

    First, I should mention that I've played guitar using minor and major pentatonic scales for 45 years. I know how to combine each scale to provide a total of 10 notes in any key, regardless of whether the music is minor or major, or uses both major and minor. I am also aware of note in the natural minor scale, and use it, just as Santana would do. In short, my technique offers 10 notes, while scales and modes only offer 8. BUT...... I DO want to learn the Modes.

    Please feel free to express your agreement or disagreement with my preferred idea, advocated by some music books.
    For example, if I wanted to play E-Phrygian, I would play an Ionian scale/mode pattern in a different scale or mode, and simply emphasize the root notes and mode notes of E, and E-Phrygian Lucky Patcher 9Apps VidMate

    I can't help but believe that there is absolutely no reason to burn all 7 of the modes, when playing a single mode (with a bit of shifting on the fret board),
    allows you to play every mode in any key. (To me, that sounds like THE "Sliver Bullet").

    Please offer you opinions and related experience(s). Many thanks in advance
    very old thread but thank you
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