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Thread: Strictly Odd Time Signatures

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    Strictly Odd Time Signatures

    Hi guys,

    so I noticed there isn't a thread for people who want to work on their odd meter playing skills....

    Here's a playlist with a bunch of free odd time signature practice backing tracks

    Here's an example (in 7/4)

    A fun thing to do is to try and re-arrange songs you like into odd time signature based versions....

    Check out this 7/8 backing track version of Smells Like Teen Spirit for example

    Hope that's helpful.....

    Happy jamming \m/
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    I have found that instead of singing at full potential, these songs limit me. And because many are dropped to that E-flat, it forces me to sing in weird parts of my range. So, what I am wondering is a few things. Is it more natural to sing in standard keys, and more strenuous to constantly be in flats? What can I do to make things easier on my voice? Should I try convincing him to change keys in the songs?

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    In music, the most encountered time signature is 4/4, boring old Common Time. ... See also The Other Wiki's list of musical works in unusual time signatures .

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    Amazing track I loved this track and the way he plays guitar.

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    Note that 4/4 may actually represent many different rhythm patterns. Trivial examples are accent patterns (in eighth notes normally) 2-2-2-2 or 3-3-2 or even 3-2-3. (3-3-2 is especially popular in Tangos or much jazz.) Other patterns are made in things like clave-organized music where two measures at combined in a 8-beat or 16 half-beat patterns like these: (here I'll use a / for an accented note and . for an unaccented note) /../../.-.././... (son clave) or /../.../-.././...(rumba clave). There are strumming patterns such as /..//./. which are combined with any of the other patterns in different voices.

    Similar ideas apply to other time signatures.

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    nice track

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    Oct 2018
    Amazing Track. I Love these Songs

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    Oct 2018
    Strictly Odd Times Signatures Track is Amazing.

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    Thank You for Article Sharing

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