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Thread: bad emotions- musical instruments

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    bad emotions- musical instruments

    hi guys

    I need your help. I am afraid that playing musical instrument- in my case it is guitar- results in bad emotions I experience. Probably this is because some people believe they are not that bad and later it becomes clear that they are and it ends up in frustration. Have you ever heard of cases where negative emotions appear when people play musical instruments?

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    No, I never heard. But frustration is a state of mind that comes very often when one is learning an instrument (or anything else in life, obviously depending on the difficulty of the subject). So, it is important to know how to deal with it properly. Call it learning from your mistakes, use a bad outcome to boost your learning or the so often used "No pain, no gain"... that's a thing you must learn how to deal with.

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    I've recently performed one of my piano pieces to an audience, for the first time, and the whole time I was worried about making a mistake.
    And I did.
    To my surprise, nobody noticed it, and they still applauded in the end.
    If you practice enough (and there's no such thing as enough) before a show, you'll instinctively know how to cover up a mistake while playing.
    I'd say just practice enough, and forget about the audience and their reaction. If you're doing your best, there's little you can do to change the outcome.

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    The other problem I have, which only occurs when it's cold, is my fingers are too cold to respond properly. I'm strumming along fine, then get to a picking section of a song, and my fingers just won't do it, I have to resort to strumming lightly. It's like the coldness is making the impulses in my nerves slow down. Anything that anyone can suggest for that?

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    bad emotional?.. whats that mean, essay mojo

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