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Thread: Scott Devine - from a bass guitar perspective

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    Scott Devine - from a bass guitar perspective

    Hi guys back with another thread. Anyway, I came across this video on you tube and it really inspired me to learn each position of the Major Scale. Since Im a beginner at playing the guitar I'm still learning. And I took notice what Scott Devine was saying. He talked about how to improve your phrasing. He also said to learn all positions of the Major scale. He said that the hardest thing with scales is making music out of it. He also said when playing scales try and view or see the positions on the fretboard. This video really help me. I hope this inspire someone else! Thank you for viewing my thread!


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    Yes I agree. When I teach improvisation to my students I always encourage them to see the position of the scale they are playing. This will ensure they don't get easily lost. Being confident with scale positions on the fretboard allows you to express yourself musically as then you are not just thinking of scales but instead you are thinking of playing melodically.

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