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Thread: Hi guys. I need to know how...?

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    Hi guys. I need to know how...?

    Hi guys. In my previous thread I talked about George Benson and how he played a G minor Blues scale; and also used that scale instead of G Dorian over some chords. But now my question is what chord progressions creates for certain modes?

    I know for Ionian it uses the I, IV, V chords. But what about Dorian, Phygrian, Lydian, Mixolydian, and Aeolian? What chords do they use?

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    Surely we've been over this before...

    EDIT: http://www.ibreathemusic.com/forums/...l=1#post152214
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    Dorian, Phygrian and Aeolin work well under minor 7th chords. The Myxolydian is suited whilst playing a 7th chord.

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