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Thread: 2-5-1 practice (fast swing)

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    2-5-1 practice (fast swing)

    Hi guys,

    For the jazz improvisers out there, the 2-5-1 progression is an essential building block to anyone's "harmonic vocabulary"...

    Following on from the slow version posted here earlier, here's a free medium uptempo (180 bpm) 2-5-1 jazz practice backing track in C, which you may find useful for your practice.


    II: Dm7 I G7 I Cmaj7 I Cmaj7 :II

    On the track there are more extended versions of the basic chords of this progression - as is common in jazz

    In theory, you can play C major scale all over it...

    Chord tones/arpeggios:

    Cmaj7 arpeggio = c e g b

    Dmin7 arpeggio = d f a c

    G7 arpeggio = g b d f

    Playing C Major scale will result in C Ionian (Cmaj7 chords), D Dorian (Dm7 chords) and G Mixolydian (G7 chords) - all the same 7 notes...

    Slower (medium swing) version - 2-5-1 medium swing jazz backing track

    - and a slightly more complex version: 2-5-1-6 progression - jazz practice backing track

    Happy jamming
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