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Thread: why they ( professionals) always discourage people from playing? Is it about competin

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    why they ( professionals) always discourage people from playing? Is it about competin

    hi guys

    I met few people sometime ago who have certain amount of experience in professional performing on stage. When they talk to you about music etc they always kind of discourage you from playing. I don't think it is the matter of competition because I am not good enough to compete with them. Why do they do it? Have you ever had similiar experiences with kind of people I mentioned above?
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    Hi rafapak,

    i don't know of many knowledgeable musicians who would make an effort to prevent a person who wanted to learn to play an instrument from learning that instrument, and then getting better on that instrument

    learning an instrument teaches how to set goals and meet those goals, mathematics, music relationships, ear training, etc

    also it teaches hand with body coordination

    those are all positives, and should be encouraged

    I know many musicians MIGHT discourage a musician from getting involved with the music business,

    because make no mistake, it is a business

    and sometimes business can be brutal

    and that can be VERY frustrating to some musicians
    "Success is arriving at a Personal Satisfaction within yourself"

    Dedicated To Guitar!!!

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    I agree - if you tell a professional musician that you want to make a living from playing music, then they might very well discourage you by telling you what a hard road that can be, with no guarantee of any income etc.

    But if you ask them if you should stop playing for your pleasure, even though its’ something you really love to do, then I can’t imagine any professional musicians telling you to give up.

    Also, if you do just keep playing and studying music for pleasure, then there is nothing to stop you playing all sorts of live performances for little or no financial reward. And from that you can see if you want to practice and study hard enough to play in a more professional way.

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