Ah yes that clarifies things a bit. At a certain point I can't keep coming up with new "headers". I'm kinda at the mindset now of whatever the person wants to use, but then clarify with "Positive" "Blue", building blocks used etc..

I have thought before why didn't Russell use "+2" and "+6", but then it gets a little weird labeling with "+3" and "+1". So instead maybe it was a better idea to just be consistent with the header and get the orientation to be the main thing.

The CDR is exactly that then, the distance as far as how many connections through 5ths (x3), as long as the correct Lydian Tonics are used. It's not implying "Dark".

And the Chord Categories are not implying dark by having a "b5" for instance. To the Lydian Tonic that could be completely positive. This really seems to be communicating what notes are being played in a language that most players know.

Streamlined in a way that can be applied efficiently.