Hi guys,

This is my current favourite warm-up exercise! It works out your fingers like the classic "Spider" warm-up, but has the added elements of wide stretches, string skipping and slides!

You are basically outlining a Minor 9 chord, followed by a Major 9 chord - and then repeating it, moving up one fret at each repetition.

There's free downloadable TAB and standard notation (also for non-guitarists) right here:


Make sure your slides are strong and in time. Remember to practise the sequence nice and slow at first, breaking it down into smaller bits if necessary. Try to always practise IN TIME. If you can tap your foot while you're playing you're definitely onto a good thing

Try experimenting with various picking techniques. Alternate picking works great...

Finally....do choose a good fingering (see video for ideas) and then stick with it as you build up the speed.....