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Thread: Can we improve our singing?

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    Can we improve our singing?

    I have been doing a singing practice session in my car that takes about 20 mins. about once a week to try to improve my voice because I don't like the way it sounds. I feel like I'm sounding good while I'm singing but when I record myself I don't like the results even after doing these practices. So, am I stuck with my crummy singing voice? I don't use my voice that often in talking and stuff so I'm wondering if I just need to practice more. I just started working on my voice about 8 mths ago. Any good pointers - books or sites, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Es normal que tu voz suene diferente en grabaciones a cuando te escuchas cantando acapella. Solo debes acostumbrarte al sonido de tu voz en grabaciones.

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