This is Balázs here! I want to dedicate this thread to my musical journey .

I've heard that one of the best way to keep motivated is to have a bit of public pressure. On this blog I want give myself weekly exercises and upload the results as audio tracks. I will upload content at least once a week - I think that's also a great way to monitor your progress.

I will probably upload the content to some other forums as well, because the more readers/feedback I have the more I'm motivated I am to upload content regularly. So don't hesitate to write - that helps me tremendously to "stay on the path".

Also if you're interested in practicing music together then write me! We can set up weekly exercises/drills (like arpeggios, chord progressions, patterns, ear-training) and test each other online (for example through skype!) I belive that study groups and study partners are a great way to learn and motivate yourself. In this day and age you can study together online - I learn languages from foreigners through skype and I think it's great! I see no reason why this can't be done with music!

So a bit about myself:
I'm Balázs from Hungary, 26 years old.
When I was a little kid I wanted to play the tuba, but that didn't happen for some reason- some might say that I should be thankful for that .
I started playing the guitar around the age of 16-17 - can't remember exactly. It happened by an accident - a guitar teacher were looking for students in my sister's school, and my sister was interested. I started taking lessons together with my sister. After short time My sister quit but I kept at it.

Long story short (maybe later on I will write the longer version):

Right now I'm learning to play the piano. I've been dabbling with it on and off since the age 21-22 but two years ago I've decided that I want to learn to play seriously.

My dream goal is to be a professional musician. Right now I'm nowhere near to it - it will take plenty of time.