Hey all,

I am currently in a rock band and the majority of the songs are the guitar players. He almost never plays with the standard guitar tuning of EADGBE, he drops them all a half step. This makes most of his songs in flat keys, and with his capo usage they range too. Not all songs, but some are strenuous to sing. I have found that instead of singing at full potential, these songs limit me. And because many are dropped to that E-flat, it forces me to sing in weird parts of my range. So, what I am wondering is a few things. Is it more natural to sing in standard keys, and more strenuous to constantly be in flats? What can I do to make things easier on my voice? Should I try convincing him to change keys in the songs? Any info or opinions on this topic would be appreciated.

On top of this, he and the keyboard player like to sing backup and try to harmonize. They have VERY limited experience and zero training with singing. The guitar player is bad like Bob Dylan, should probably sing alone. The keyboard player is better but sings a little flat, even on the flat notes. ha. It can be distracting to hear them so out of key. So, I also wonder if these flat keys are especially difficult for them being untrained, little-skilled vocalists.

Thanks everybody,