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Thread: Looking for input

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    Looking for input

    I am new to the melody and chord arranging thing so for me it is more of a trial and error process, but I do use my musical knowledge (what little I have) to assist in the process, which seems to speed things along or at least gets me set in the right direction. I am hoping to get some critique (bad or good) for the following piece that I worked out.

    Fortunately, I can read music for guitar, but very slowly. I used the real book chart and worked out the melody, attempting to keep it on top. Please feel free to comment, I am looking for anything I can learn about this melody and chord playing style. Here is the link to my arrangement of "There will never be another you". There are a few mistakes in it but I am still working out the fingerings but over all it's the arrangement and chord choices I want comments on...Be honest, I don't care if it is brutal or nice..whatever. It's the only way I'm gonna really learn...Here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A0oKnmXtVE

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    I like it. I'm no jazz guy and to be honest, I'm not even that familiar with this tune. But it sounds good :-)

    What I would say is, the chord-melody pieces I've heard tend to harmonize melody notes more often than what you have here. It sounds to me (again, not knowing the chart) that you're playing the chord only when the chord changes. The Wes Montgomery type stuff with which I'm familiar seems to tend to "fill" in many more chords. IOW, it seems part and parcel of the chord-melody style to harmonize melody notes with many passing chords, etc. Of course, that's not to say that the "change of chord chord" is "wrong" per se. I guess it might be viewed as "too simple" unless of course the arrangement really demands simplicity. That said, from an interest and artistic standpoint, if I could do something like this I think what I'd do is do the first pass like you did, then add a more complex harmonization that added chords in with many more melody notes - especially like that section beginning at :25 in your video where you've got a lot of single notes - I hear cycling through inversions or harmonizing each note in a passage like that.


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