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Thread: Tapping!

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    I have been tapping for a bit now and I love it. It adds a new level to my creativity. I want to know how to successfully mute unwanted string noise while tapping. Say.......if I`m doing a tapping sequence on the G string how do I keep the strings aboveĢ below muted. I tried with the palm of my right hand while tapping with right index and you can hear my palm move up and down the fretboard and it sounds terrible. If I don`t mute the strings they ring out, not loud but enough to notice. Any advice helpful. Thanks in advance!

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    I'm very sorry to be a PITA. I should of done a search on this as there are various answers to my questions!

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    You should be muting unwanted string noise with your left hand (if you're right handed) or you can also put a string dampening device over the first fret. This could be a hairband or even a sock.

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