Hi guys back with another thread. To make a long story short I started humming this melody and I must admit I did use my ears to help me further this process along the way. Anyway, I had this chord progression that I came up with and I was humming the melody and then I had to figure out the chords to this melody. I understood my key signature which was the key of D - Notes to the D Major scale D E F# G A B C#. And I started humming these notes of the major scale F# E D and C#. The melody went in that order and once I needed to know what were chords. Well the chords were Bm/F# - A/E G/D - C#dim. I just out the blew knew what were the chords to this melody. So after all you have a vi - V - IV -vii* chord progression.I studied inversions of major minor and dim triads. But what amazed me was the way the song or harmony or melody was going down from vi - V - IV - vii*. The main the key I dont get is that what is the tonal centre? And what are the cadences in this chord progression? Is it a deceptive, or plagal, or authentic cadence?